Top Reasons You Should Buy Art

If you’re tired of looking at your bare walls, you might be considering some new artwork.  Hanging pictures of family or friends (or created by the kids) is great and all, but can only take you so far without getting weird.  When it comes to finding the right art for your walls, you could spend countless hours getting “expert” advice on the perfect piece or artist for you.  The very nature of art, though, is its subjectivity.  The old adage that says “I don’t know art, but I know what I like” exists for a reason.  If you’re on the fence about investing in artwork, keep reading for a few reasons that should convince you that it’s a good idea.


First, let’s talk about the investment aspect.  While some people consider art as nothing more than a financial investment that they expect to increase in value over time, this shouldn’t be what drives you.  Again, art is subjective, so there is never a good reason to put any of your financial aspirations into art.  Rather, think of purchasing art as an investment in the look and feel of your home and in the actual artist.  The fact that original artwork could increase in value should be a possible happy bonus, nothing more.

Purchasing original artwork that speaks to your personality and style can give others better insight about who you really are.  Your artwork can sometimes help you express yourself in ways your words and relationships cannot.

An original painting can be a great focal point in an otherwise neutrally-appointed room.  It can offer a pop of color or eye-catching figures that intrigue your guests and serve as great conversation starters.  In an office setting, artwork can create a cozier or more inviting space that clients find comforting and more personal.  For you, having art that truly “speaks to you” can inspire you every time you enter the room.  Opting for original art over mass-produced prints of well-known works means you own something that nobody else can have.  Original art can show that you’re not afraid to stray from the traditional and explore creative expression on your own terms.  

Lastly, purchasing original art is the best way to ensure that artists are able to continue doing what they do.  Buying mass-produced pieces supports the companies that produce them but doesn’t encourage new creations.  Buying an original piece directly benefits the artist.  Newer or struggling artists are often faced with the reality that being able to pay the bills means spending less time creating and more time finding more traditional employment.  Selling their work allows artists to keep on creating, exploring, pushing boundaries, and inspiring others to do the same.  In other words, buying original art is the only way to ensure that original art keeps being created.  Most of us can’t afford to be an artist’s sole patron, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t do our own part, however small, to ensure that art never dies.